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What permits does the Co-op have?
The CGC insurance policy began on November 1, 2010. Beginning December 1, 2010, the Co-op will begin the permit application process with the goal of building the equivalent base of permits that have been previously held by the CGF. In addition, the Co-op will begin seeking permits in the new areas in the first half of 2011. See below for a short list of permits:

Current non-permitted lands, such as:
Potrero Chico, Mexico


Many areas in South America and Asia

Mt. Erie – Washington

Lake City Ice Park

Smith Rock State Park

Index Lower Town Wall, WA

Vantage(Frenchman Coulee), WA

And, any other areas that do not require a permit

Permits currently held and operational:
Banff National Park

Yoho National Park

Kootenay National Park

Mt. Revelstoke/Glacier National Park

Red Rock Conservation Area

Moab BLM

Mohonk Preserve (Gunks)

Ouray Ice Park

Mt. Baker, WA

Eldorado Canyon, CO

Beacon Rock, WA

Steamboat Rock (Banks Lake ice climbing)

Peshastin Pinnacles

Olallie (Exit 38, crags south of the freeway)

Iron Horse (Exit 38 crags south of freeway)

Wallace Falls (Index Upper Town Wall and The Country)

Permits Applications in process:
Vermont State Parks - Lake Willoughby

White Mountain National Forest, NH

BC Provincial Parks - including Squamish and Bugaboo


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